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Canada United States Minor Outlying Islands
Unblock Canada from (Clifton, New Jersey, United States)
This device is unblocking selected content from Canada.
Connect devices to Wi-Fi SSID Globe tattoo with password PanHouse56 or change the default gateway and DNS to (Wi-Fi not available)
Policy Routing
Only selected services will be routed via the tunnel interface.
Test VPN host CA passed on 2024-01-24 00:16:53 with screenshot
Test VPN host UM passed on 2024-01-24 00:20:07 with screenshot
Speed Test
Speed test 2024-01-24 10:13:26 up: 0.0000-11.7621 sec 25.5 MBytes 18.2 Mbits/sec down: 0.0000-10.7278 sec 10.9 MBytes 8.50 Mbits/sec
I/O Tests
No results.
VPN bandwidth
Contact Support (uptime)
Email, IRC #netflix-proxy on Freenode or live chat icon bottom right.